EZ Call
We are making it easy to call 20 of your most frequently called numbers. How? Just save the name and number to allotted access numbers and then save the access number(s) in your mobile. So when you call a particular access number, it would actually call up one of the numbers associated with that access number.
Call Forwarding
Nobody to answer your calls at home? Why worry when you can redirect all your calls to a number that you wish to.
Call Block
Salesmen calling you and pestering you to buy their product or sign up for their service? Block their calls by using the Call Block feature.
Multiline Calling
Continue to communicate with your friends and family throughout the world from your mobile or any other phone, even if you are holidaying in Hawaii or in a conference miles away from home.
Follow Me
Not at home? Not even at your workplace? No issues!! You can still receive your call. How? The follow me feature rings three different numbers one after another to reach out to you.
Access Number
Internet down? Power disrupted? Why worry when you have the Unovon Accessible Number feature set up. In such a case, all calls will then be forwarded to any US phone number that you want the calls to go to.
International Call
Don't want anybody to call any of the international destinations not a part of the 60+ countries? Turn off this feature. Want this feature ON but do not want unauthorized calls going thru. Switch ON the security PIN dialing.
Hide Caller Id
You don't want to show your number to anybody while calling them? Switch on this feature. Works only for local calls. Might not connect a call if the called party does not accept such calls.
Do Not Disturb
With Do Not Disturb switched ON, all incoming calls and features - Call forward, Follow Me & Access Number are disabled in one sweep.
Speed Dial
Making a lot of calls to only a few numbers? Lets make life easier by saving those numbers to a pre-determined code.
Voice Mail
Let the others leave a message, even if you miss a call.

Keep your existing number
In most cases, we can port
your number to Unovon
Free activation
No activation fee to begin
your Unovon services
Free Device (save $49.99)
Device is given for free
to Residential plans only