Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is UNOVON ?
UNOVON is a local and long distance calling service that uses high-speed internet access (broadband) combined with voice technology to provide quality, reliable and cost-effective calling solutions. The technology is also known as Voice over IP. UNOVON offers many smart and advanced features like caller ID, 3-way calls, do not disturb, call waiting and many more for no extra charges.
2. What is VOIP?
VOIP stands for "Voice over IP" or "Voice over Internet Protocol". It is a new way of making and receiving phone calls through your high speed internet connection (broadband). VOIP offers consumers the benefit of calling local and long distance, for less money, with high quality and reliable connections and many more features than any traditional phone service offerings.
3. What is broadband?
Broadband is high-speed internet access through a cable or DSL modem. It gives you an always on, faster connection than traditional dial up internet access. Now, with UNOVON, broadband makes it possible to make and receive phone calls using Voice over IP through your high-speed internet connection.
4. How do I sign up for UNOVON?
You can sign up online at Choose the plan that meets your needs and follow our easy online order process.
5. How long will it take to receive my UNOVON Telephone Adapter?
Unovon offers various shipping options to customers. Based on the method of shipping chosen by the customer during sign up, UNOVON adapter will ship within 5-7 business days.
6. How do I track the status of my UNOVON order?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your order is shipped. Call to our support and you will get the status of your device.
7. What do I need to get service with UNOVON?
In order to subscribe UNOVON Service, you will need the following:

1. A broadband high-speed internet service such as: DSL or cable.

2. A credit card with billing and shipping address.

3. UNOVON telephone adapter that is provided when you sign up.
8. What connections will UNOVON work with?
UNOVON telephone adapter is compatible with high-speed internet services such as DSL or Cable. Satellite internet connections are not recommended for UNOVON telephone adapter as there may be some speed issues that are inherent to satellite connections or line of sight issues that could affect audio quality when making calls with UNOVON. Voice over IP Service requires 90 kbps of consistent upload/download speed to make and receive phone calls.
9. Can I use my current phone with UNOVON Service?
Yes, UNOVON works with most phones designed for residential use, as long as they're connected to the UNOVON telephone adaptor we provide you.
10. Do I need a computer to use UNOVON Telephone Adapter?
No. The UNOVON Telephone Adaptor that we provide you will connect directly to your broadband modem.
Note: In some cases a computer may be required for the initial setup of UNOVON Phone's Voice over IP service.
11. Can I use my computer and talk on the phone at the same time?
Yes. UNOVON works independently from your computer, so you can make and receive calls while surfing the web.
12. How does the sound quality compare to my current phone?
You'll find the quality is at least as good as a cell phone, usually better! Because signals are transmitted and received digitally over the internet, the quality of Voice over IP may very well exceed what you're currently getting.
13. Is UNOVON Service available in my area?
UNOVON Service is available anywhere in the US, regardless of where you live and your current telephone number. US UNOVON customers are not limited by area code as to the availability; however, if you need to know if an area code in your local region is available, click here to view all available area codes.
14. Do I have to get a phone number in my area code?
No. You may get a phone number in any city or province currently made available to you on our website.
15. Is Internet service included?
No, UNOVON calling plans do not provide internet access. UNOVON Phone is compatible with most high speed Internet Service Providers.
16. Will UNOVON Service save me money?
Yes, of course! Individuals and businesses with moderate to large long distance or international calling usage can enjoy significant savings, depending on call volume, up to 80% off traditional phone service.
17. Can I keep my current phone number if I sign up for UNOVON Services?
Yes. In most cases, if UNOVON network is in your area, we can move your existing phone number to our service.
18. Do I have to move my current phone number to UNOVON?
No. Moving your number to UNOVON is optional.
19. Do I have to cancel my local phone service to use UNOVON?
No. UNOVON telephone adapter uses your internet connection to place Voice over IP calls and has no impact on your local phone service. Even if you use a phone line for your DSL broadband connection, UNOVON telephone adapter works independently of your local phone service.
20. Why would I never have to change my phone number again?
The phone number that UNOVON provides you with your UNOVON Telephone Adapter is yours as long as you are a UNOVON customer. This number is portable, so if you move or travel and plug in your UNOVON Telephone Adapter, your phone number remains the same.
21. When calling other parties, do they also need UNOVON telephone adapter or another VoIP service?
No. UNOVON Service is a transparent technology, allowing you to use your phone just like you always have.
22. Can I use UNOVON telephone adapter when I travel?
Yes. You can use UNOVON telephone adapter anywhere, where there's a high-speed internet connection. Just be sure to bring your UNOVON telephone adaptor with you and you can make Voice over IP calls with UNOVON telephone adapter.

Note: Some office network environments may not be compatible with the UNOVON telephone adaptor.
23. How can I travel with my UNOVON Telephone Adapter?
UNOVON telephone adapter easily travels with you. Simply pack your UNOVON start up kit. Connect it to any analog phone and high speed internet connection to make and receive calls while you travel.
24. Can I receive calls with UNOVON telephone adapter?
Yes. UNOVON Service is a transparent technology, which means it works just like your existing phone.
25. How do I receive phone calls with my UNOVON service?
To reach you, the calling party will simply dial your phone number and if your service is plugged in, your phone rings, you pick it up and start talking. If your adaptor is unplugged or out of service for any reason, the call will go to voicemail.
26. Can I call other numbers that don't subscribe to UNOVON service and would these calls be free on your unlimited plan?
Yes. You can make calls to any number in the world with UNOVON. If your plan doesn't cover the destination you will be charged per minute (visit our international rate calculator for other destinations).
27. What happens to UNOVON telephone adapter if I move?
You can take your UNOVON phone account with you anywhere and keep the same phone number. If you would like a different area code at your new location, you're free to select from a variety of area codes throughout the country.
28. If I sign up with UNOVON, will I still have the same features as my current telephone service?
Although UNOVON uses a different technology than your current phone service (Voice over IP), in most cases it offers the same features, and even more too. Features include call waiting, voice mail, 3-way calling, do not disturb etc.
29. Will my phone number be listed in the phone book?
No. Your phone number will not be listed in the phone book or directory assistance.
30. Can I place calls to 800 numbers through UNOVON?
Yes, you can call toll free numbers that begin with 1-800, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888.
31. Will I be receiving e-mail from UNOVON?
UNOVON team will send you e-mails with your order status and other important account information. From time to time if you did not receive an e-mail when you signed up, it may have been treated as spam. Be sure to configure your spam filter to accept e-mail from the domain. Also, confirm your e-mail address is typed correctly in your account information (go to, Login to My Account and select Edit Account Info.
32. Can you explain more about the services offered?
We provide phone service to your home or business in USA/CANADA. You can replace your existing phone service at your home in USA/CANADA .
33. What are the different plans you offered by UNOVON?
For current UNOVON plans click here
34. Why should I subscribe for UNOVON service?
1.Our voice quality is good.

2. Our cost per month for each plan is less compared to all other similar services in the industry.

3.We provide great international rates.
35. Do you provide number portability?
Yes, we provide number portability. This process usually takes 3 - 5 weeks, but might take more time too, if your existing service provider doesn't release the number. In the interim period we provide a temporary number till your existing number is ported.
36. What do I need to have this service at home?
Connect any home phone and a high speed broadband internet connection to the Unovon adapter to start calling up friends and family worldwide. Router required. Supports all UNOVON calling features.If the speed is less, our service will still work, but there might be some voice delay.
37. I have DSL from my phone service provider and my existing phone belongs to them. What can I do now?
You can get cable internet and take our service. If it's not feasible or finding costly to opt for cable Internet, you can keep your existing phone line with basic service and no long distance. You can then keep DSL on that basic line and use our service for long distance and International calling.
38. How do I check Voice Mails ?
UNOVON Voice Mail enables you to manage your voice mail messages by phone, on email at anytime & anywhere. Dial 117# to check your voice mails on the phone.
In addition, UNOVON Voicemail lets you record and schedule personal greetings.
UNOVON Voice mail facility enables you to hear the actual spoken message as an audio (.wav file) as an attachment which flashes through an automatically generated email, which can be sent to your registered email address.
39. How do I install Mobile App ?
FREE Unovon app for iOS and Android devices. Perfect, simple and trouble-free for calling local and worldwide over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.
Download UNOVON mobile application at App Store for iPhone or at Google Play for Android phone.
Calls through mobile app to emergency services OF ANY KIND are not supported.

For Mobile App Setup click here

Keep your existing number
In most cases, we can port
your number to Unovon
Free activation
No activation fee to begin
your Unovon services
Free Device (save $49.99)
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