VCI Fair Usage Policy

VCI governs all the plans (Residential and Business) by a fair usage policy. This policy is designed to protect the quality and integrity of the VoIP network and in doing so ensure all customers receive fair and equitable access. The policy specifically relates to usage of flat rate calls and free calls. VCI may depend on its Fair Use Policy in circumstances where your usage of flat rate or free untimed call charges that form part of a pricing plan or promotional offer is deemed to be excessive or unreasonable. VCI retains the right to vary the terms of the Fair Use policy at our discretion from time to time.

Unreasonable or Excessive use

If your use of the plan is excessive or unreasonable, such as, but not restricted to, duration of call(s); call initiated, terminated and subsequently re-dialled many a times; calls made to a single number; number of calls made during your billing month; regular call forwarding; and any other irregular patterns that is not included here, we will inform you via an automated message or phone call or email, using the contact details you have provided to us. If after our request your usage continues at a similar level we may change you to an appropriate business plan, then charge you at the rates for that plan and backdated to when we made contact.

Without restricting what is meant by unreasonable VCI will supply the service for the purpose of you making and receiving calls on our network for your personal or business use, depending on the plan that you sign up for.

VCI further considers your use of the service to be unreasonable or excessive if you reduce or limit the ability of other customers to access VCI's VOIP network as you:

- Use the VoIP service for any other purpose than function of person-to-person voice communication
- Engage in the bridging of conference calls
- Use of VOIP service line as a hot line
- For residential unlimited plans use more than 4000 minutes to any 1 country per billing cycle or use more than 6000 minutes overall on your account per billing cycle
- For Business Unlimited plans use more than 6000 minutes to any 1 country per billing cycle or use more than 7500 minutes overall on your account per billing cycle

Not restricting to any of the above circumstances, VCI reserves the rights to immediately and without any prior warning, suspend or cancel your service, or cancel the offer extended to you during sign up.

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