Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Unovon Calling Card?
It is an international PINless calling card to call any destination from any mobile or land line from USA. This service has no hidden cost, no connection fees - in short, no hassles. Calls to international destinations are nearly 70% less than your regular cell phone providers.
2. Do I need to have a Unovon home phone to use Unovon Calling Card?
No! Anyone can sign up and use the Unovon Calling Card.
3. Can I use my mobile phone to make calls using Unovon Calling card?
Yes. You can register up to 4 different numbers to make calls using Unovon Calling card. You also have the facility of updating/deleting any of these registered numbers using your online account.
4. How do I sign up?
Go to Unovon Calling Card homepage on, just click on sign up and follow the prompts.
5. How Do I Place a Call using Unovon Calling Card?
  1. When dialing from a registered phone number and Security Dialing is turned Off
    • Dial your Access Number from your registered phone
    • Dial the phone number you want to call
    • Your Caller ID must be enabled to make a call
  2. When dialing from a registered phone number and Security Dialing is turned On
    • Dial your Access Number from your registered phone.
    • Enter your PIN
    • Dial the phone number you want to call
    • Your Caller ID must be enabled to make a call
  3. When Dialing from an Unregistered Phone number?
    • Dial your Access Number
    • Enter any of the registered number(s) and PIN
    • Dial the phone number you want to call.
6. What is an Access number?
Access number is a phone number you must dial to place any calls using your Unovon Calling card. The list of Access numbers is available at your login account
7. How many phone numbers can I register?
You can register up to 4 mobile or land line numbers and call PINless. Please note your caller id must be ACTIVE for calling from registered number.
8. Do I have to get into any contract with Unovon Calling Card?
No, you need not get into any contract with Unovon Calling Card.
9. Can I manage my Account Online?

  1. You can view your account balance, call logs, payment history, etc
  2. You can change your PIN, registered phone numbers, registered address, password, credit card details.
Just click on my account and follow the prompts. If you have any doubts, please call our customer service number on 1-719-466-4660
10. How do I login to check my account balance?
Just login to your online account using your user id or the registered email id. You will find your account balance in My Account details page.
11. What is a user id?
User id is a unique 6-digit number that would be generated by Unovon for every successful registration.
12. How do I recharge my account?
You can recharge by signing into your account online and pay using your existing or new credit card. To save time enable auto-recharge so you never have to worry about running out of funds.
13. What is Auto Recharge?
Auto Recharge is a TIME SAVER service that enables you to set up a threshold amount along with the amount you wish to add to your balance. Auto Recharge option does the rest for you. As soon as the balance reaches the threshold, your balance is automatically topped up with the amount that you chose. It's that simple.
14. How do I check the call rates for the destination numbers I am calling?
Please check the rates page on our website at and enter your destination number to get the exact call rate per minute
15. Does the Unovon Calling card purchased have a validity period?
Yes. Once the card is purchased, it has a validity of ONE year.
16. How do I change or update credit card details?
Sign in to your online account, In the Account Info tab you have an Edit Credit Card Info option. Using this option you can update your credit card. Also, when you recharge your account, you have the option of paying with a different credit card.
17. What is security Dialing?
If this option is enabled, you will be prompted to enter your PIN even when you dial from a registered phone number. This avoids misuse and any unauthorized calling using your Unovon Calling Card. You can enable or disable this option from by logging into your account.
18. Why do I need a login?
A login is required for the following reasons:

  • Provide your PIN online
  • Show Order/Payment history
  • To recharge your account
  • To show your call logs
  • Update your account and credit card information
  • Setup Speed Dial
  • View account balance
  • Special offers in email
  • Administrative Communication
19. What is Speed Dial?
Speed Dial makes it easy to call your favourite numbers using the Unovon Calling Card from your registered phone. You can save any ten commonly dialed phone numbers in your account and use the speed dial feature when you wish to place the call.
20. Who should I contact if I have a problem with the Unovon Calling Card?
We hope you don't face any problem what so ever. But just in case, you can always reach our 24x7 customer support at 1-719-466-4660. You can also email us at